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About our Brands



The dance of human being with the nature started with fragrance. The incenses lit, the fragrances hidden inside the chests for centuries, they were all to please the humanity’s most important emotion… For this reason, fragrance has always been present throughout the human history. Just like Eyüp Sabri Tuncer, who has been present ever since the foundation of young Republic of Turkey

One of the main heroes of fragrance’ Turkish history, Eyüp Sabri Tuncer has been the leader of a tradition that has stood unchanged from the past until the present: Turkey’s classic lemon cologne… Dispersing from a small manufacturing workshop in Ankara, the sweeping power of this smell has reached every corner of the country, blessing people with freshness and happiness. Continuing for 97 years, this adventure made a name for itself with its beautiful fragrance and literally became the name of the cologne… On the other hand, the country grew and developed. The life became more complex, the requirements became different.

Overwhelmed by the hassle of life, people needed to freshen up during the day, and this became something more than a necessity, spreading around inside the atmosphere of the people. Foreseeing this necessity, Eyüp Sabri Tuncer, the connoisseur of scent, still continues to spread the freshness and comfort through all corners of life inside and outside the country with its more than 670 products covering colognes, refreshing towels, shampoos, lotions, shower gels, home fragrances with different fresh essences as well as its essence-based body care product categories.



To achieve unconditional customer satisfaction with our employees who are among our most valuable shareholders, to become the reliable and distinguished ambassador of the Turkish cosmetics sector by carrying out production within the framework of cultural values and international quality standards.


To sustain, as a world brand, our deep-rooted past as well as the reliability, loyalty, persistence and prestige we inherited.


To achieve growth through innovative steps in connection with the tradition.


Respect towards human rights and nature, work ethics, quality service, accuracy, accountability and transparency is essential in all our work processes.







Korkut Oil Soap Industries Inc. is a corporation of Olivos, who is Turkey’s export leader in packaged olive oil. Korkut Oil Soap Industries Inc. was founded more than a decade ago. Korkut Oil Soap Industries Inc. has been established and still operates in Edremit. Edremit is the core location where Turkey’s the best olive oil is produced and where traditional olive oil soap culture dates back to ancient times when the place was also known as Pidasus. Our factory is strategically chosen in Edremit for protection of olive oil freshness (from natural habitat to bathrooms). Korkut Oil Soap Industries Inc. is a traditional soap factory which has been passed from one generation to another   throughout the ages. In our factory, soaps are made in compliance with international standards using up to date technology and the expertise of our artisans.

Olivos olive oil soaps are the natural artisan products made for the bath & body to soothe the body, mind, and soul. Not all of the olive oil soaps, even though they are claimed so, are made with natural olive oil. Manufacturing high quality and healthy olive oil soaps requires expertise as well as the use of high quality ingredients. Green coloured soaps, claimed as natural olive oil soaps, in the market are made from olive oil pomace. Naturality and creativity are vital components of Olivos. Olivos promotes a sustainable environment and high quality skin care by using hand-picked, natural, and organic ingredients for beneficial results. All of our soaps and packaging process are handmade. Olivos olive oil soaps are made with 100% olive oil, that’s why Olivos soaps’ colour is between white and light green.

Thanks to the hot process method, all ingredients are effectively harmonize to return higher performing soaps. Olivos olive oil soaps are very exceptional products of which the olive oil used in production is a very special and selected pure blend of the Edremit Region. Olivos soaps’ performance is very high both on the hair and the skin. In terms of the unique blend of extra virgin olive oil and natural fragrances, our brand is unique in the market. Olivos is proud to offer you elaborately manufactured soaps. Olivos’ goal is to produce the purest and the most natural 100% extra virgin olive oil soaps. We believe that all natural soaps should be beautiful, functional and elegant to use. All of our soaps have a natural caring and firming effect on the skin and designed to calm, purify, reinforce and enrich the skin & soul.




Cosmolive’s motto is “Avail!”

The reason is clear enough: we have been au fait with that people need more products which are more nature-friendly and from which people really benefit – more than means of beauty.

We – as Cosmolive – aim to match our products which we combine the beauty and benefits of nature, with people who are self-confident and do not trust in beauty taboos.

We are aware of the importance of presenting the purest products to the consumers and their benefiting from those products.





IVA NATURA is Laber Brand of the exclusive organic products. In body care, skin care, baby and sun ranges, all 31 different products have cruelty free, vegan logos. Up to %98 of natural ingredients, we offer cosmos organic label in all products. 2021 is for the professionally designed updated packaging and improved formulations.\


We believe that beauty comes from naturalness. We know that every product we put on our skin is absorbed and mixed into our circulatory system and we live with awareness of organic consumption.

Our high-performance formulas, created with the unrestricted generosity of medicinal plants and unique resources that we discovered in the surprising diversity of Anatolia, are fully compatible with the physiology of the body.

Excellent balance of bio-compatible components, especially to penetrate beyond the superficial layer of the skin; works in depth to achieve lasting results for a long time. Our biggest goal is to create components that will make

moisturizing, regeneration and protection tasks effective for each of our products in the health and care of the skin. To be able to bring you the most natural form of personal care products that offer performance beyond expectations.

Our proven Cosmos Organic certified products*, which are valid all over the world*, are completely organic and vegan. The formulations created using miraculous plant extracts and untouched natural resources come to life in our

factory, which works nonstop. In this adventure that extends to the heart of natural beauty, in order to produce the purest, most effective and safest products; we reinterpreted the basics of personal care. After 14 years of being dedicated to the cosmetics sector and the chance to have rich vegetation in Anatolia, we created Iva Natura.


Passion, nature and science. Laber Kimya