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Free shipping over 59€

We understand when you need to buy bulk items, whether it be for a small project that calls for lots of materials or maybe holiday shopping for the family, we have you covered. When your order total is over 59€, you may qualify for our free shipping special and receive free shipping on your order!

All orders for eligible items amounting to 59€ or more qualify for Free Shipping within the EU


What do I have to do?

  1. Place at least 59€ of eligible items in your bag.
  2. Proceed to Checkout; select “free shipping”
  3. Complete your Checkout.


What exclusions apply?
All items identified as eligible for Free Shipping will qualify for the Free Shipping program, subject to certain exceptions. There are a number of reasons why your order might not be eligible for Free Shipping.

  1. The 59€ minimum purchase is calculated after all other discounts (including coupons) are applied. Charges relating to shipping will not be included to meet the 59€ minimum.
  2. The Free Shipping offer will not apply to any order where cancellations or returns reduce the amount of qualifying purchases to less than 59€  Berfini reserves the right to charge applicable shipping and handling costs to any such orders.

Can the Free Shipping Program be changed or discontinued?
Berfini may change or discontinue Free Shipping at any time in its sole discretion; however you shall receive Free Shipping for any eligible purchases made prior to any change to the Free Shipping Program.